Ali Etezad
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My name is Ali Etezad and I welcome you to my personal website. I have published here my CV: research interests, education, academic, work and volunteer experience, certificates, workshops, skills and honors.

Research Interests

  • Construction Project Management, Economics, Technologies


  • Master of Civil Engineering, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada Expected December 2018
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Khavaran Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran February 2016
    • CGPA: 15.27 (out of 20)
    • GPA of the last 60 credit hours: 16.13 (out of 20)

Academic Experience

  • Presentation on Total Quality Management (TQM) Construction Management Fall 2014
    • Presented a comprehensive introduction to TQM and provided a local example of its implementation, through which I shared my knowledge about Management Methods with my classmates
  • Presentation on the applications of GIS in improving Road Safety Applications of GIS in Civil Engineering Fall 2014
    • Presented an example of applications of GIS in improving Road Safety according to a related article, which Rah-Negar, ArcGIS and ArcView applications are used in, to get my classmates interested in applications of GIS
  • Project on estimating the financial and material resources of a seven-story building Project Estimation Summer 2014
    • Analyzed and estimated the financial and material resources of a seven-story building by using basic principles of Invoicing for Construction Projects to expand my knowledge in Project Estimation
  • Project on analyzing lateral loads from earthquakes in a five-story building Principles of Earthquake Engineering Summer 2014
    • Analyzed and calculated lateral loads from earthquakes in a five-story building by using theoretical principles to acquire greater understanding of Earthquake Behavior of Building
  • Presentation on Traffic software Traffic Engineering Spring 2014
    • Presented a brief introduction to several traffic applications such as SCATS, SCOOT, Aimsun (Getram) and Emme to acquaint my classmates with Traffic Software
  • Presentation on ITS equipment of the Railway Systems Railway Engineering Spring 2014
    • Presented a comprehensive introduction to some ITS equipment such as Automatic Train Protection, Automatic Defect Detection, Intelligent Railway Level Crossing, Derailment Detection, Automatic Vehicle Identification and Automatic Track Warning Systems to improve my presentation skill and enhance my classmates’ knowledge about ITS Equipment

Certificates and Workshops

  • Certification of Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)® January 2017
  • Participation in workshop on Risk Management in Construction Project Engineering March 2013
  • Participation in workshop of Iranian Concrete Institute (ICI) May 2012
  • Participation in workshop on Welding Control May 2012
  • Certification of the Applications of Single-Frequency GPS Receivers February 2012

Relevant Courses

  • Construction Management ranked 1st 19.0/20
  • Engineering Economics ranked 1st 19.0/20
  • Project Estimating ranked 1st 19.0/20
  • Construction Methods ranked 3rd 18.5/20
  • Construction Machinery ranked 2nd 19.5/20

Work Experience

  • Construction Project Manager Assistant Clean Demo and Construction corp., Vancouver, Canada September 2017 to December 2017
    • Provide schedule updates, progress reports and contract documents
    • Assist with the development and monitoring the project budget
  • Web Designer & Developer Self-employed, Iran & Canada September 2010 to December 2017
    • Interacted with more than 20 companies for designing and developing their online websites and services and providing technical support and consultation for them
  • Technical Advisor Hamrahan Computer Trading Co., Mashhad, Iran June 2008 to March 2016
    • Advised on making online business plan based on my expertise to boost revenue stream
    • During that time, I worked in several positions in Marketing, IT, Accounting and Sales departments.
  • Construction Project Coordinator Tavana Gostar Khorasan Construction Co., Mashhad, Iran July 2014 to September 2014
    • Solicited and compared subcontractors’ bids in order to choose the most suitable one
    • Monitored the progress and the quality of work by reviewing blueprints, schematics, and diagrams
  • Deputy Construction Project Manager Mehr-e-Hashtom Co., Mashhad, Iran April 2013 to November 2013
    • Determined the amount of subcontractors’ work by monitoring the progress of project in construction site and checking construction drawings to ratify their invoices

Volunteer Experience

  • Member of Scientific Student Society of Civil Engineering Khavaran Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran November 2010 to March 2012
    • Participated in scientific activities to work as a volunteer in the community and develop my skills
  • Forum Moderator Mobile-e-Aval Co., Iran August 2010 to February 2012
    • Participated in managerial activities such as advising on making the forum rules, devising reward system and managing forums and answered individuals’ questions to share my experience with others
  • Executive Vice of 2nd National Spaghetti Bridge Competition Khavaran Institute of Higher Education, Mashhad, Iran June 2011 to November 2011
    • Participated in administrative activities to broaden my leadership, teamwork and decision making skills


  • 2nd Place, Student ranking of Civil Engineering program, Undergraduate, Fall 2014 GPA: 17.38/20
  • 3rd Place, Student ranking of Civil Engineering program, Undergraduate, Winter 2014 GPA: 16.74/20
  • 2nd Place, Student ranking of Civil Engineering program, Undergraduate, Fall 2012 GPA: 17.02/20


  • Member of Project Management Institute


  • Computer skills:: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office, AutoCAD, Photoshop, HTML, CSS, PHP
  • Transferable skills: Communication, Teamwork, Presentation, Organization
  • Languages: English (Fluent), Persian/Farsi (Native)


  • Reading, Socialising, Playing Video Games, Listening Music, Watching Movie
Download my Curriculum Vitae Ali Etezad CV.pdf (392k)February 1st, 2017